23rd JEM-EUSO collaboration meeting

June 11-15, 2018   -  Mürren, Switzerland

Thursday, June 14                         < Wednesday      Friday >

Excursion to the Schilthorn (weather allowing, facultative) - 8:30 at the Schilthornbahn

Session 9: K-EUSO (from14:00 to 18:00)

Coordinator: P. Klimov

        K-EUSO capabilities to test an UHECR single source hypothesis: Prel. results.-  M. Zotov

        1. Simulations on K-EUSO.

a. Current status and plans. - S. Sharakin

b. Raytracing of the K-EUSO Schmidt optics in ESAF. - N. Sakaki

        2. Telescope system - structure, mechanics, focal surface, etc  - P. Klimov

15:45-16:15 Coffee Break

3. Optical system of K-EUSO - S. Sharakin/O. Saprykin

a. Schmidt optical scheme (Puryaev&Druzhin design)

b. Mirror structure and deployment system

4. K-EUSO data processing system - A. Belov

a. multi PDM focal surface and synchronization

b. Zynq firmware structure

c. HK in K-EUSO

d. Possible electromagnetic interference problems in K-EUSO

5. Summary of K-EUSO on going simulations & analyses - S. Sharakin  (remote)

Schedule and collaboration. Discussion - P. Klimov